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With the Union government gearing up to declare 2018 as the ‘Year of Millets’, a restaurant that exclusively serves food prepared with millets is a great idea.

Welcome “The Good Grain”, a newly opened cool food place on Residency Road in Bangalore, that serves not only healthy and nourishing food, but has formulated your favorite foods into delicious and familiar recipes.

So, what is The Good Grain all about and how did it get its name? Actually, it’s in the name itself, an absolute description of the cuisine you can expect to find here. Boldly, The Good Grain does away with grains like rice and wheat, and instead bases its cuisine on millets, the latest and hottest food topic of this decade! And while they’ve done away with rice, they have gone to great lengths to successfully reproduce traditional local cuisine (be it the evergreen Bisi Bele bath or Tomato bath) with the supremely healthy range of millets.

Advised and encouraged by most doctors and people aware of its health benefits, this healthy, natural grain is now available in all your favorite forms, including delicious preparations of items like Andhra Biryani, Puliyogare, Millet Puri/Aloo, Bajra Roti and Ragi idlis.


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